Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Would Integrating VoIP into your CRM increase efficiency?

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a telephony term for the technology that allows voice calls to travel over a data network. Voice information, forwarded in discrete digital packets, bypasses the circuit-committed PSTN (public switched telephone network.) Once seen as a luxury available to only the largest of corporations, simplified plug-and-play products and hosted services for converged voice and data applications now offer significant benefits to companies of all sizes.

While the cost-savings associated with VoIP technology will always remain a core attraction, advances in voice and data convergence technology means that VoIP can deliver a host of benefits. In particular, many corporations have found that integrating VoIP with their existing CRM (customer relationship management) solution has led to a unique opportunity to develop a truly customer-centric and efficient proposition.

Businesses choosing to transition to an integrated VoIP/CRM solution will derive significant benefits from the unified communications capabilities subsequently presented.
  • Improved automation can eliminate the number of actions required to enter data into a system. Unique features such as click-to-dial capabilities can reduce the time needed to access useful customer data. Automatic dialing deployed in a call center environment will increase efficiency in terms of how many calls can be made in the working day. Improvement in sales figures is often directly derived from increased efficiency, since more time exists for the sales process to take place. 
  • An integrated solution makes it possible for call logs and recordings to be made available to pertinent staff. This can help the members of the sales force and account management team access invaluable information regarding client activity levels, making it easier to identify opportunities to cross and up-sell complementary products and services. Call recordings can also offer increased efficiency when evaluating the performance of individual members of the sales team.
  • Improved communications between a company and its clients can also increase efficiency. Innovative features like 'follow me', 'hunt groups' and 'DID (direct inward dialing)' can present attractive solutions for a client-focused approach to business. Never again need an opportunity to make a sale be missed. 
  • Exciting conferencing capabilities make it easier than ever for businesses to connect with clients, without concern for the logistics involved in getting everyone required in the same room. Sales presentations conducted over the network offer advanced features like high-definition video calling, real-time document sharing and the ability to record events for future use. Integrating VoIP with a CRM solution adds even more to the proposition. Clients can be invited at the touch of a button and presentations can be made to many attendees at once, thus allowing business to be conducted faster and smarter than ever before.
INVAR Technologies is uniquely placed to help companies achieve the benefits of VoIP and CRM integration. Our system offers flawless integration of convergence equipment from the likes of Altigen and Aptela with existing CRM systems like Salesforce.com, vTiger and IRIS. If integration with a company's existing CRM solution does not already exist, we have a dedicated team to facilitate the benefits of integration to all companies. Skilled in all aspects of application development and integration, we can design and implement customized packages to exact specifications. We are able to offer a high quality of support to companies who may have already taken some steps towards a converged network and integration of VoIP with CRM.

Integrating VoIP technology with CRM solutions can put businesses ahead of the pack in offering a customer-centric approach while reaping the benefits of maximized efficiency. Please visit invartech.net to find out more about what we can offer.

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