Saturday, May 5, 2012

iFusion Raffle Winners

Thank you for stopping by our booth at the NY Expo for Business this week.
As promised we are giving away 2 iFusion stations.

Our marketing assistant Irina had pulled two winning cards from the bag and the winner is... drum roll please...

Damion R. Archibald from Total Care Cleaning Services LLC. in Saddle Brook NJ
Tim Chaudhry from Hi-Tech Trading (USA) Inc. in Woodbury, NY.

Thank you all for playing and stay in touch for future expos and drawings.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Proven Advantages of Using Hosted Phone Systems

If you are running a small or a medium sized business, then it is important for you to consider using hosted phone systems in your office. A hosted phone system works in effectively removing all the complexities linked to using a traditional phone. It comes with software, applications and features that help in improving the productivity of your staff. The following are among the major advantages of installing a hosted phone system in your office:
  1. The process of installing the system is less costly.  In comparison to a traditional phone system, handling the installation process of a hosted phone system is much easier because it does not require a lot of equipment. All the major hardware needed in making the system work is stored at the data center of your chosen service provider so you need not worry about where to find all these.
  2. It allows you to take complete control of your company. Hosted phone systems can offer you personalized vanity numbers and these are extremely useful in attracting more customers since these numbers can be easily remembered.  Personal extensions also offer your customers a better experience when dealing with your company since they will have an easier time reaching the people that they want to talk to. You may also choose to use an operator if you do not want your customers to end up getting frustrated when they talk to a machine. A hosted phone system also allows you to establish a company directory and enjoy other features including call screening, group telephony meetings and three-way calling. All these can help in easily controlling and monitoring all your business affairs.
  3. You will never have a difficulties controlling the system. Most hosted phone systems come with easy to use features and interface so performing certain functions such as calling groups, performing any account maintenance task and updating speed dials will only require you to log into your phone account online. The hosted system can also benefit you because of the presence of call logs and voice mails.
  4. It meets the growing needs of your company. This means that you will never face any difficulty adding or removing any extension from your hosted phone system. If the number of your employees grows, then you can easily add extensions without negatively affecting the entire system. The good thing about this is that adding extensions to your system will never require you to buy expensive and new equipment.
But you should know that despite the many advantages offered by hosted phone systems, these systems also have their own drawbacks. The first drawback of using a hosted phone system is that it does not have an automatic security feature because most calls operate with an open internet connection.  But you can solve this problem with the help of firewalls. Another downside of using a hosted phone system is that it will take time for you to find the most decent call quality. It is because the system is fully dependent on the designated bandwidth amount. Still the advantages of the system outweigh its disadvantages so it is just a wise move for you to install it in your workplace.